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Porter S, Mintz B
Multiple Alternatively Spliced Transcripts of the Mouse Tyrosinase-Encoding Gene
Gene (1991) 97:277-282.
We have isolated and characterized tyrosinase-specific cDNAs from wild-type mouse skin, to provide a basis for the structural and functional analysis of mutations at the mouse tyrosinase-encoding (Tyr) locus. The cDNAs were synthesized by the polymerase chain reaction. At least twelve alternatively spliced transcripts of the Tyr gene were found, including nine not previously described. Of 51 clones obtained, most (59%) correspond to the full-length cDNA encoding active tyrosinase. The others are shorter and apparently arose by alternative splicing. They are attributable to exon skipping, usage of alternative 5' and/or 3' splice sites, and (in one case) retention of an intronic sequence. Patterns of alternative splicing also occur in other pigmented tissues.
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Publication Date: 1991-01-15.
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